Post Two – I’m glad you’re paying attention!

It is gratifying to note that you have responded to my open letter in one respect so far. My name was removed from the Emergency Planning Contact List yesterday, Monday, 22 October 2007. It’s a bit of a wrench for me not to see my name up there after 20 years, but I am sure that we would both consider that preferable to continuing to give the public the impression that:

a) The Comhairle has an Emergency Planning Officer and,

b) that the Emergency Planning Officer is me.

I’m pleased that we have sorted out that little detail. The public appreciate openness and clarity and I know that you would not like to have been seen to have misled them.

Here! – I’ve just had a horrible thought, what if you weren’t consulted about taking my name off the contact list? What if my Blog has never even been brought to your attention? What if you’re being hoodwinked about the Comhairle’s ability to respond effectively to any emergency? But no; I’m sure officers of the Comhairle would never do that. Would they?



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