Post Four – More red herrings than a kipper factory

Dear Convener

Just a week ago in my post “Tempus Fugit”, I set out to inform readers (but primarily yourself) of the Comhairle’s failure to utilise the telephone service that was set up two years ago to provide information to the public on local weather conditions during periods of “adverse weather”. I have today noted on another Weblog that a spokesman for the Comhairle has subsequently claimed that it was set up as an additional line which can be activated if needed in a major emergency to reduce the level of calls going to police, Comhairle etc. It remains in place and can be activated if required. It was never intended to be a 24 hour weather line.

Why do you countenance such balderdash being fed to the community? It appears that the Comhairle is more adept at manufacturing red herrings than a kipper factory and the people of these islands deserve better than mealy-mouthed utterances designed to cover up malevolent incompetence. I recall that you personally got quite agitated recently when you considered that information you had been given by officers caused you to mislead your electorate. So put a stop to it. I will never make an allegation that I cannot prove and instead of challenging my claims, you should be investigating them and taking the appropriate action.

BTW – I note that the recording has been changed. Purely coincidental of course!


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